TikTok is expanding DM with these new options

According to some latest reports, TikTok is expanding DM options, including the ability to let anyone message you. Now users have a total of four options to choose from. The new expanded DM options give users more control over their privacy.

TikTok is expanding DM with these new options

According to The Information, the platform has sent emails to some users letting them know about the relatively new options.

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If you go to Settings & Privacy > Privacy > Direct Messages in the TikTok app, you have several choices about who can send you DMs. You can have someone DM you, limit them to “suggested friends”, mutual friends, or turn them off altogether.

If users select the “Everyone” option, messaging on TikTok could become much more common. The option gives users the option to contact creators they like or other users they don’t know from other platforms.

Its marketing manager Brendan Gahan said it’s trying to be more of a social network than just an entertainment app. “They emphasize your social connections,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post.

TikTok is undoubtedly constantly adding interesting features to attract more users. That is why TikTok is one of the most used apps.

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