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Threads app for iOS gets its first major update with a ton of new features

According to the latest news, the Threads app for iPhones got a big update with a bunch of new features. The app adds lots of new features like translations, dedicated tab and much more. The number of Threads users has dropped since last week, which is why the company rolled out the latest update to attract more users. The Threads app is set up as a text-based extension to Instagram, though it’s an unpretentious rival to Twitter. Meta’s newly launched app still lacks some features that Twitter does offer. Threads update also came with some bug fixes.

Threads app for iPhone users gets new features

The point worth noting is that the new update is only available for iPhones. Reports claim that the Android version update will soon make its way to all its users. Let me tell you that Threads for desktop is still not available. Some users claim that they have to restart the app to see the features. Although for some iOS users it takes a whole day for the features to appear.

Threads developer Cameron Roth clarifies:

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“We use a system of server-supplied flags that can take a while to fully release.”

The striking thing here is that all these features are already available on Twitter. The new app appears to be a copycat of Twitter, but Meta argues that it wants to be a friendlier platform, much like Instagram. We hope that Threads will soon move on to the idea of ​​adding more features to retain users. Maintaining the number of active users will always be a challenge for Threads, as its rival Twitter is already in a strong position.

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