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This new solar charger can really help you on long journeys

When you plan to travel, you worry about charging your phone and other devices. There are power banks that can charge your phone, but they can also run out of power if you have long trips planned, especially to faraway places where there is no power supply.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because a company called Grouphug in collaboration with SharkTank has created a solution to charge your devices without electricity. The company has built a solar charger that allows you to charge your devices anywhere with the energy of the sun.

Sure, it’s an impressive smart solution for anyone, even if you’re at home. It can enable you to reduce your electricity bill and can play a vital role during power outages. Moreover, it can also help ramp up efforts to reduce carbon footprint on a large scale.

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Specifications of the Solar Charger:

The best thing about this solar charger is that it is incredibly user-friendly. Measuring 13″ x 10″ x 1.25″, it is designed to easily hang in your window using a suction cup hook. In addition, it even comes with a built-in indicator light, so you can easily monitor the charging progress. In addition, the charger is covered in transparent and durable plastic, so you can see the solar technology in action. Plus, it’s designed to be 100% repairable, which is impressive.

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