This new feature prevents WhatsApp messages from being deleted

WhatsApp disappearing messages has been a boon for many users as the conversation was automatically deleted after the selected time saving memory. However, during this exercise, some of the most important messages were also removed. To counter this, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that can prevent messages from being automatically deleted when the message disappearing feature is enabled. To get and use this feature, one must have the latest version of iOS and Android and get this feature so that WhatsApp messages are no longer deleted.

While talking about this, WhatsApp beta tweeted that:

“WhatsApp releases a feature to prevent messages from disappearing on iOS and Android beta! It is now possible to prevent messages from disappearing to prevent them from being automatically deleted from the chat history!”

Apart from that, it also tweeted three lines to prevent the messages from being deleted.

“3 RULES FOR Retaining Disappearing Messages:”

  1. Anyone can save messages so they don’t disappear
  2. Anyone can undo messages and it will no longer be possible to prevent them from disappearing.
  3. Group admins can restrict who can use this feature within the group settings

As we continue to update the feature, it was revealed that WhatsApp is now introducing the ability to prevent messages from disappearing from some beta testers who install the latest beta version of WhatsApp or TestFlight app. It explained that with the new Keep action feature, it is now possible to prevent certain disappearing messages on WhatsApp from expiring.

These important messages are indicated by the bookmark icon and the chat bubble and these messages appear in the Saved Messages section. However, some users have reported that they can’t see this feature in the beta version either, but there’s nothing to worry about as people will get it soon.

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