This new feature allows you to add custom Dp to your WhatsApp profile

WhatsApp is not slow to rise these days as we have gotten too many frequent updates from the messaging giant. The messaging giant, WhatsApp just trying to make sure it’s the best instant messaging app out there. Moreover, the company is also trying to improve the user experience. We recently learned that the company is working on a new one WhatsApp feature dubbed “WhatsApp profile icon” which allows you to add a custom Dp to you WhatsApp profile.

Whatsapp profile icon feature Allows you to add custom Dp

There is no doubt that all WhatsApp updates come with new features to make using the app easier, more efficient and more secure. In short, all updates mainly benefit the end users like you and me. According to the latest reports, a new update is coming to make it all a lot easier. The company tries to help users identify contacts as easily and quickly as possible. Recently, we already shared with you that the company released an update to replace phone numbers with usernames in group chats. Now the company is trying to improve that feature with custom display graphics. Isn’t it great?

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is currently working on the update version The new feature called “Profile Icons” is currently available for testing to beta testers in group chats. Reports claim that this feature is currently under development for Android users, but the beta version has already been released for iOS users.

WhatsApp profile

To see this feature in action, all WhatsApp users must first open group chats. The point worth noting is that all users who have hidden their profile pictures or don’t have any profile pictures cannot have custom profile pictures. It is a very useful feature as it can easily identify users in a group conversation.

This feature will be very useful in doing so WhatsApp groups where some users have the same name. Since WhatsApp replaces phone numbers with usernames, it becomes quite difficult to identify users with the same usernames. So this feature will prove to be quite a handful in that situation, allowing you to identify such members with less fuss.

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