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This MIT student can silently surf the Internet with his mind

We all know that the MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an excellent reputation for technology. Today I am going to share an interesting piece of information that will blow your mind. Have you ever heard of someone who can order a pizza with their mind? Have you gone crazy? No, I do not have that. An MIT student named Arnav Kapur recently introduced a new type of technology that has the potential to change the world. He calls it AlterEgo. Thanks to technology, he can surf the Internet with nothing but his mind.

What is AlterEgo? How MIT Student Arnav Uses It?

Arnav can speak commands and questions from memory, without having to say a word with his amazing discovery AlterEgo. According to him, the device decodes brain signals and transmits information to the inner ear via vibrations. It means he can just google stuff and tell the answers while keeping the process quiet. This is undoubtedly something next level. Is it not? Arnav can surf the internet with his mind and do everyday things like order pizza for example.

Arnav recently got the chance to showcase his creation in an episode of 60 minutes. The presenter asked him to solve math problems and answer some questions. The amazing thing was that he was able to answer them all by using his brain to ask the internet. He accomplished it without saying a single word. AI has just decoded its brain signals and sent them to the computer. Let’s take a look at the episode:

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Artificial intelligence is growing too fast. You never know what comes next. It can simply turn incredible things into reality.

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