Things You Need To Know About TestMySite and Website Speed Tips

You have noticed that TestMySite, the tool of Google, shows load time higher than Pingstool and Gtmatrix.

The reason is that TestmySite checks your site with Moto G4 device within a 3G network. It means your site is not checked within a 1Gps connection speed as it is the case with

Don’t believe it?

If you have 3G, check your site with it and keep a stop watch. When you open the URL, run the watch, and once it is loaded fully, stop it. You will be amazed.

Users also use 3G or 4G, not 1Gbps. Till 2020, people will have 3G like speed. That’s was the main reason to develop such a tool.

Pingdom shows the URL is loaded in 90ms, but TestmySite shows 2 seconds.

Moreover, the estimated visitors lose is based on the Google Research that you can read here…/mobile-page-speed-new-in…/

Tips to Improve Site Speed

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1:

Install W3 Total Cache Plugin on Your WordPress Blog.

Go To: W3 Total Cache > Browser Cache.

Here, Turn On Below Feature,

1. Set expire header

2. Set entity tag (eTag)

3. Enable HTTP (gzip) compression

Step 2:

Install JS & CSS Script Optimizer Plugin.

After Installing;

Open (WP Settings > Script Optimizer) Plugin; Enable it.

Note: If you are using Jetpack plugin; then this plugin won’t work, I recommend you to disable Jetpack.

Make sure the below options are enabled in the plugin.

1. Pack scripts using Dean Edwards’s JavaScript Packer

2. Combine all scripts into the two files (in the header & footer)

3. Use plugin for CSS

4. Combine all CSS scripts into the single file

Note: Some of your Javascript may not work after using this plugin. Check your Site properly after installing this plugin.

Note 2: It is the most IMPORTANT step, so if small functions of your site won’t work then also try to use it.

Step 3:

Use CloudFlare.

Make Sure These Options are enabled in Your Cloudflare account.

1. Go To “SPEED” tab and minify JS, CSS, and HTML option.

2. Go To “SPEED” tab scroll down Turn on Rocket loader. Choose β€˜Automatic’ in Rocket Loader option. (Most Important)

So these are tips on how to improve website speed. If you have any question about website speed then you can ask in the comment box below.

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