The Top 4 Facts You Should Know About Relationships in Oklahoma

The decision to get into a relationship depends on an individual, but there may be some limitations to it. As an Oklahoma resident, here are 4 facts you should know about relationships in this state;

Common-law marriage is recognized

Common-law marriage may be overlooked in some places but the state of Oklahoma acknowledges it. However, there are some elements that the state’s laws use to establish this kind of marriage. For instance, both parties must have mutually and entirely agreed on getting into permanent marriage, they must have attained the required age to get marriage, they should not be married to other people, and they must have portrayed themselves to the community as husband and wife. A couple is usually termed legally married after meeting all the requirements as stated by the Oklahoma law, and the relationship can only be ended in court just like any other marriage.

The age of consent as dictated by Oklahoma laws

When it comes to relationships, the age of consent is usually different across all states in the USA. The age of consent in the state of Oklahoma is usually 16 years. Anyone under the age of 16 years is regarded by the Oklahoma law unable to maturely agree to sexual activity and also, anyone who engages in sexual intercourse with someone below that age is liable to conviction for statutory rape. In a case of statutory rape, penalties given to defendants often vary depending on the degree rape charged on the person.

Same sex relationships are legal

While a good number of countries and states prohibit same sex relationships, Oklahoma’s laws allow this kind of relationships. Basically, the Oklahoma laws accept LGBTQ relationships and marriages so, in spite of your sexual orientation, you are allowed to get into any kind of relationship as long as you are 16 years and above. Also, just like opposite-sex relationships, two people of the same sex can get married if they have attained the age of 18 years and above.

An abusive partner can be charged for domestic violence

According to the Oklahoma Criminal Code, abuse between two people in a dating relationship is termed as domestic violence. There are also other occasions where domestic violence can occur according to the code, for example between the offender and the parents, their child, anyone the offender bore a child with, or even a foster parent. Also, the Oklahoma laws allow for protective orders for domestic violence victims as well as charges for the violation of these orders by an offender. There are also some occasions where domestic abuse can elevate to the felony which attracts higher penalties.

Bottom line

While getting into a relationship can be exciting, it is important to master some of these laws as an Oklahoma resident. You will be able to stay out of trouble as you will be more careful while choosing a partner and understanding the laws will help you know when to exercise your rights and report any offender who violates those rights.

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