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The number of threads that users have dropped insanely in just a week

It wouldn’t be wrong to say so Wires had the best start of any app to date with 100 million downloads in the first five days of its launch earlier this month. However, the bad news for the app developers is that the road ahead seems to be a rocky one. This is evident from the latest figures Threads active users halved in a week. It is indeed a huge setback.

Why is user thread count dropping?

According to research from analytics firm CompareWeb:

“July 7 was the best day for the app. A few days after launch, the Twitter-like app soared to more than 49 million daily active users on Android worldwide, but by July 14, the figure had already dropped by nearly half to 23.6 million. “

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Reports further claim that threads users in the US are also less engaged with the app. Peak usage was 21 minutes on July 7 and dropped to 6 minutes on July 14. Arguably the best day was July 7, just two days after launch, but from then on the number of daily active users began to decline steadily. Comparableweb claims that the total number of daily usage minutes also dropped from 21 minutes to 6 minutes in a few days.

Threads was such a huge success in the beginning because of the easy process for Instagram users to create an account. The numbers are expected to be even higher if this app were to be available in the European Union. However, Threads still lacks many basic features like Twitter, including emoji, hashtags, and a chronological feed. No doubt all of these features have made it harder for Twitter users to transition. Anyway, let’s see what comes next. Is this the end of the Threads App craze? Time will tell.

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