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The iPhone 15 series will be more energy efficient thanks to the A17 chip

The iPhone 15 series is more energy efficient thanks to the A17 chip

The Apple iPhone 15 series is still far from its launch, but some of the key details related to it have already begun. And the new detail that came in has to do with the chipset.

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max got a new A16 Bionic chip which is unbeatable in the market. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s flawless, but the upcoming A17 Bionic chip for the high-end models of the iPhone 15 series may fix some of its shortcomings.

A17 Bionic chips: all the details

A17 Bionic chips: all the details

As we all know Apple will bring next generation A-Bionic chip for next iPhone series iPhone 15 series which is expected to bring multiple upgrades and improvements to the system but now we have some confirmation .

According to the president of TSMC, Mark Liu (through Bloomberg), the following A17 Bionic chip will keep 35% less power compared to previous bionic chips running on 4nm technology.

These are not just words because they can achieve this with new 3nm (Nanometer) technology which they have implemented in the upcoming chips like A17 Bionic chip for iPhone 15 models.

Since this chip will be 35% more energy efficient, users will get longer battery life on the iPhone 15 series. And with that, this 3nm technology also performs improved performance than chips running on 4nm and 5nm technology.

By the way, the mass production of the chips also started last week, on which Mark Liu said that “the mass production of 3-nanometer chips is the result of decades of collaboration with the local supply chain”.

Currently, there is no such precise detail about which iPhone 15 series model is going to inherit this new A17 Bionic chip. Still, in my opinion, Apple could go the same way as with the iPhone 14 series.

Apple is the largest customer of the 3nm technology from the TMCS, because we would see that too M2 Pro andM2‌ Max chips run on the same technology.

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