The Chrome Resume Browsing tab takes you back where you left off browsing

You are at work and get tired, leave your browsing where it was, but the next day when you open your device, you have to look for the specific things again. To solve this problem, Microsoft is helping people keep their previous searches. With this, one could even continue researching, shopping and much more the next day. For this, the company is testing the Continue Browsing tab placed at the top of the new tab.

Because it’s a test that not everyone received, but those who are part of this test revealed that if they were shopping something the previous day and closed the tab, the next day that search appeared in the recently visited websites section, just above the Discover feed.

While this feature can make searching easier for a lot of people, especially in cases where our laptops are having battery problems and they shut down automatically for whatever reason, it’s quite frustrating for those who really didn’t want to hear about their searches on the previous days. Extra space is taken up because of this feature and those who didn’t like this feature will have to witness the cluttered old news/search interface.

Chrome tab Continue browsing

Chrome for Android Test a new tab to pick up where you left off browsing

These days, people like easy interfaces and adding a feature that seems unnecessary to the masses can cause the company to face backlash. Many Reddit users have revealed that they actually disable this feature because it is quite frustrating for them. If this feature was somewhat hidden behind the developer flag, it might have performed well, but if it’s the browser’s core feature, it won’t be welcome until Google changes its placement.

That said, the feature is being tested, which means when analyzing user feedback it might not make it to the stable version, but let’s see what the company does about it.

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