The Biggest Contribution of Workwear Fabric to Humanity

According to the figures published by the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) under the title of ‘World Fire Statistics’, in 2015 alone, over 3,000,000 fire incidents were reported in a total of 31 countries, resulting in more than 18,000 deaths, and almost 45,000 injuries.

Only in the United States, according to the statistics provided by the US Fire Administration (USFA), more than 3,300 lost their lives as a result of fires reported in the year 2015.

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Though this data represents, if not all then most of the casualties caused due to fires at residential as well as commercial areas, it is no hidden reality that a large number of individuals working in factories that involve the use of fire or extremely high temperatures in their operationalization also suffer the consequences of being exposed to such harsh working environments.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), of the US, labels the risk of Heat Stress as an important factor to keep in consideration for workers performing tasks in areas with high temperatures or those who are working close to fires.

Heat stress may cause heat stroke, as well as heat exhaustion, dizziness, and heat rashes, to name a few injuries. Permanent burns along with inhaling poisonous gases emitting as a result of the increased temperatures are also major threats to the lives of these workers.

As important as it is for the employees working in such harsh environments to have proper training in order to survive in such extraordinary circumstances, it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the right equipment gets provided to his or her workers as the safety and well-being of the employees should be the top priority of any employer rather than making profits through any means possible.

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Hence, it is crucial for any individual in charge of such a workplace to provide the best Fire Retardant (FR) fabric to the workers in order to ascertain their well-being while they are performing their professional duties.

Fireproof fabrics can be regarded as a blessing in disguise for any worker performing tasks in such an environment. With the right type of non-flammable fabric, the risk of catching fire along with suffering from injuries or burns not only gets minimized, but it also provides the employees with the confidence needed to work under these uncommon working conditions. The worker is able to perform tasks without the fear of suffering from physical injuries or causing any damage to his or her health due to exposure to increased temperatures.

However, in order to assure the best use of any FR fabric, a protocol must be established and followed rigorously by all working in such harsh circumstances. For instance, the proper method of wearing the non-flammable fabric must be elaborated, along with clarifying the do’s and don’ts of handling the fireproof material. Since fire retardant materials are unlike common clothing, they require extra care and attention when it comes to utilizing them in order to gain maximum benefits.

It is the duty of the employer to train the workers in regards to handling such material effectively to assure that the safety protocol gets followed, and no one gets injured, physically or any other way, at the end of the shift. There are several ways through which the employees working under such conditions can be trained.

Firstly, a training session can be organized by the employer which may feature personnel from the fire retardant fabric manufacturer demonstrating the usage of the fireproof material, and informing the users of the very material about the care and attention the fabric may require.

Secondly, signs and information boards can be set-up at different spots at the workplace to remind the workers to mind the non-flammable material they are utilizing, along with making them attentive towards their working conditions so that no lapses are made. Finally, the employees should be made able enough to identify worn out or damaged fire retardant fabric they use in order to assure timely changes to it to make sure that no harm is done through using such an outdated material.

It is essential for the employer to be in contact with the right type of FR fabric manufacturer; one that may understand the needs of the employer based on the working conditions of his or her workers and should be able to provide up-to-the-mark non-flammable materials to the organization. Learn more about workwear fabric.

By utilizing online platforms, exhibitions, product catalogues, and related advertising or marketing tactics, the employer should be able to identify the manufacturer that may suit his or her needs whilst assuring no compromise on the quality of products, as, in realistic situations, these fabrics may be what would differentiate the life and death of the individual wearing them.

The importance of FR fabric has to be highlighted as these products play a major role in guaranteeing the safety of the workers who utilize them. Safety boards at local and national levels must ensure that organizations provide the right and the best kind of non-flammable equipment to their employees.

Not only does the organization has a big role to play in this scenario, but the manufacturers also need to show responsibility with the development of the fabric, making sure that they are designed whilst keeping in consideration the level of comfort, that they are able to withstand the highest of temperatures at such working sites, that these products are long-lasting, and, more importantly, these products do not damage the environment for their production.

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Access to the best kind of fire retardant fabric is the very basic right of any employee performing professional tasks in high-temperature working conditions. It is, therefore, the moral duty of the employer operating such a workspace to be mindful of the very needs of his or her employees that enable them to work without the fear of causing any harm to their health.

The employer should remain updated with the latest trends and developments in the technology associated with the non-flammable fabric manufacturing industry and should assure the supplying of such equipment in his or her organization.

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