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The best offline music player for music lovers

Indeed, listening to songs or music has become one of our daily lives that should not be missed. Whether you are working, chilling, driving or playing sports, listening to music is indeed one of the activities that can make your daily routine more lively. However, online music players require an extravagant internet quota. Not to mention that when the internet connection is unstable, we may have to wait for it to buffer before we can fully enjoy it. For these reasons, several offline music players have been established to solve this problem.

In this article (actually a review) we will introduce you to an offline music player called for Android Lark player. We will discuss all the features and benefits that you can enjoy in the app. Furthermore, we will also guide you how to set the library for offline music playback in this app.

Lark Player Review

Benefits of using an offline music player

Wondering why an offline music player is better than an online one? Well, here are all the benefits you can get:

No internet connection required

All you need is an internet connection to download it once, after that no internet connection is needed. You can repeat it as many times as you want without worrying about the remaining quota.

No buffering or interruptions

Unlike online streaming platforms where you might have to wait a few seconds for the music to process, the main advantage of offline players is that there is no buffering or interruptions. That is why we can use the music undisturbed.

More control over music

Once you save the music to your device, you can easily adjust all music sounds like bass, virtualizer, reverb, volume, etc.

Of course, the benefits of using an offline music player are not limited to the points mentioned above. Try using Lark Player, one of the best offline music players, to learn more about its benefits.

The best offline music player for Android you should know

Lark Player is an excellent music player for Android. Not only does it function as a music player, but you can also watch all the videos in the app. Therefore, regardless of the file format, Lark Player can definitely support them.

Below are the main features of Lark Player:

Manage media library: With this app you can organize and manage your music in a simple and practical way. We can create playlists, folders, recent players, search engines, etc. This feature is usually available for premium players, but we can enjoy it for free on Lark.

Customize lyrics and backgrounds: Sometimes we just want to look at the lyrics of a song to record the details of the music, and Lark Player supports it. Apart from that, you can also customize the background with your own style and with the font you like the most.

Adjust the speed: Sometimes we may want to listen to an audio or song faster, and there are also cases where they will sound better in slower rhythms. In Lark Player, we can speed up or slow down the MP3 or MP4 files as we like, even in offline mode.

sleep timer: With Lark Player we can set a timer with our favorite playlist and go to sleep. The app closes automatically within the time limits we set. Therefore, we don’t have to wake up to turn it off.

Floating window support: The floating window is a very useful feature as it allows us to multitask. For example, we can send messages on WhatsApp while listening to music or watching a video at the same time.

Set up an offline music library in Lark Player

One of the best ways to manage and organize your offline music library on Android is by using Lark Player. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set it up and use it.

Step 1. Install Lark Player on Android

To download Lark Player APK from the official website. Once the app is downloaded, launch and go through the initial setup process. The process includes granting permission to access your device’s storage. This is a necessary step to manage and organize your music library, so make sure you select the “allow” option.

Step 2. Add music to Lark Player

Once Lark Player is set up, you can start adding music to your library. You can add music from a variety of sources, such as importing it from your device’s storage or adding it from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

To import music from your device’s storage, go to the Music tab in Lark Player and tap the Import button. You can then select the music files you want to add to your library.

Step 3. Organize and manage your library with Lark Player

By default, Lark Player automatically organizes your music by artist, album, and genre. You can also create custom playlists and add tags to your music files to make it easier to find specific songs or albums. In addition, Lark Player can also be used to remove duplicate files and remove any songs or albums that you no longer want in your library.

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Tips to keep your offline music library up to date

Here are some tips you should know to keep your offline music library up to date.

Check regularly for new releases

One of the easiest ways to keep your offline music library up to date is to regularly check for new releases. You can view them on the artist’s website or social media accounts. Or turn on the notification of online services or digital stores to stay informed. Once you’ve found new music to add to your library, download it and add it to your collection.

Remove duplicate or unnecessary files

Another important step to keep your offline music library efficient is to regularly delete duplicate or unnecessary files. Duplicate files take up unnecessary space on your device and can make it difficult to find the music you want to listen to. Use the built-in music manager to identify and remove duplicate files. You can also check for files you no longer listen to and remove them from your library.

Back up your music library

It’s important to back up your music library regularly to ensure that your files are safe and can be quickly recovered if something goes wrong. Simply copy the files to an external hard drive or use cloud storage to back up your music library. This is the safest way to ensure that all your music is backed up in the event of a device failure or loss.


By comparing online streaming music and offline music players, it turns out that offline music players have much more advantages than online ones. Not only can it save your internet quota, but offline music player allows us to enjoy the music without any interruptions. So don’t think any further and try using an offline music player.

We highly recommend you try Lark Player as it is one of the most popular offline music players right now. It offers many premium features for free and unlimited. It can even manage and organize your music and video library in order.

Lark player download now! You will love it for sure!

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