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Tensor G3 Specs – Major Leak Details all

Google is preparing to launch the Pixel 8 series. Most likely, the phones will ship with the next-generation Google-branded SoC — the Tensor G3, codenamed zuma. Now, a prominent leaker Kamila Wojciechowska has revealed the detailed specs of Tensor G3.

According to her, the new chip will supposedly offer nine CPU cores (4+4+1), bringing together four Cortex-A510 cores and four Cortex-A715 cores, followed by a single powerful Cortex-X3 core clocked at 3. 0GHz. While the addition of the second generation Armv9 processor will boost the performance of the Tensor G3.

Tensor G3 Specs – Major leak details all

Another big change with the Tensor G3 is 64-bit apps by default. This is a long overdue change on Android and one that many developers are looking forward to.

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The Tensor G3 will reportedly use the Arm Mali-G715 (Immortalis) GPU, a decent upgrade from the seven-core Mali-G710 graphics unit. The leaker assumed that GPU could be set up in a 10-core configuration, unlocking ray-tracing capabilities.

One of the more eye-catching features of the Tensor G3 will be the AV1 encoder. This is thanks to the latest “BigWave” block, an improved version of the “BigOcean” hardware video decoder block of previous Tensor chips.

While BigWave continues to offer AV1 video decoding up to 4K60, it can now offer AV1 encoding up to 4K30.

An all-new TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) is also on board the Tensor G3, known internally as “Rio”. There are no more details about this.

In addition, Google’s new mobile chip will support the UFS 4.0 storage standard. Despite all these new upgrades, Google can stick with the same Exynos Modem 5300 from the Tensor G2. However, some leaks also claim that the Tensor G3 would be based on the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Exynos 2300 mobile chipset.

We’re still a few months away from the arrival of the Pixel 8. We’ll get more details on it in the coming weeks.

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