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Telenor Pakistan continues to expand insurance plans for its franchise personnel

Telenor Pakistan remains committed to the health and safety of its people and is proud to announce improvements to its franchise workforce insurance plans, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Insurance Plans for Franchise Employees was a new step introduced by Telenor Pakistan last year and now offers greater value for all of its franchise employees.

As part of the enhanced insurance plans created with the support of Askari Insurance, Telenor Pakistan has expanded the IPD insurance offered to include coverage for families of franchise employees, with the addition of two dependents, maternity and child vaccination coverage, as well as access to blood testing facilities. As inflationary challenges hit the country, Telenor Pakistan continues to prioritize affordability and well-being of its expanded field force while setting new standards in the industry with its comprehensive insurance plans.

“Our franchise employees are the backbone of the organization, they are the human capital that makes the success of the organization possible.” said Umair Mohsin, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan. “These resources are on the road every day to serve retail and make our products available. They must be able to perform their jobs safely and effectively, and we are pleased to be able to offer these new insurance plans to all franchise employees immediately. This is a continuation of our initiatives where we continuously educate them about the need to wear a helmet, road safety and make sure they have valid driver’s licenses.”

The new insurance policies are immediately available to all franchise employees. Telenor Pakistan continues to be the trendsetter in the industry by introducing such initiatives for its valued employees and staff.

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