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Telegram stories are here! What’s different?

In a recent development, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has announced that they are launching ‘Stories’ on their platform. Snapchat and Instagram are two platforms that popularized ‘Stories’ and now you can see them on every other social platform.

On his Telegram channel, Durov shared something interesting that over 50% of user suggested feature requests ask for a ‘Stories’ feature. Further he said,

Initially, we were against this, as Stories are already everywhere. However, Telegram wouldn’t be Telegram if we didn’t listen to our users and innovate on existing formats.

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According to a source, Telegram Stories will be launched for all users from next month. When we talk about the Stories interface, it is almost identical to other social platforms.

How do stories work on Telegram?

You will certainly be curious about how the Telegram Stories will work. According to the sources, it will mostly work like Stories on other social platforms. You can post photos and videos that disappear over time.

What’s different?

Yes, you guessed right! Telegram plans to do more with Stories than its rivals. For example, users can determine whether a Story will disappear after 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. On the other hand, the default period for most social apps to make Stories disappear is 24 hours. Additionally, unlike Instagram, which has separate public and close friends feeds for stories, Telegram allows users to create lists of different contacts for each story. This means you can share a specific Story with your closest friends and another exclusive to your co-workers.

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