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Students beware!!! HEC Announces List of Illegal and Recognized Universities in Pakistan

HEC recently released a list of illegal/unrecognized campuses of universities in Pakistan. The point worth mentioning is that the diplomas of the students enrolled in a program in the shared institutions are not recognized by HEC. So, students have to be very careful and they are informed not to pursue admission into these institutions.

Degrees of students enrolled in illegal universities are not recognized by HEC

Let me tell you that HEC recognizes degrees from public and private sector higher education institutions in Pakistan along with their approved campuses in certain places. You can check the status of colleges affiliated with public sector universities by the respective universities. The noteworthy point here is that private sector HEls are not allowed to grant affiliation so they can only work through their accredited main campus and accredited campus/sub-campus with NOC or HEC.

Illegal and Fake Universities in Pakistan

Students are warned not to access an unrecognized institution. The list of fake, illegal, illegitimate and unrecognized institutions in Pakistan that have been recalled so far is available on the HEC website at Universities Illegal/Fake Universities & Campuses (hec.gov.pk). The fact is that any campus, college or branch established without HEC’s approval and not listed on the HEC website will be treated as fake, illegal, illegitimate and unrecognized. Moreover, the degrees obtained after studying in such places are not recognized by HEC.

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Please note that any other university not listed on the HEC website operating illegally will be treated as fake. Thus, students should be very careful while opting for a degree in such a university.

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