Squid Games Real World Spin-off Game gives participants a chill

The popular video platform Netflix’s Serial Squid Games gained huge popularity and many are eagerly awaiting the second season. The only problem, however, is that we have no idea when it will arrive. However, the Netflix spin-off reality series for Squid Game is a project that is now in production.

That’s correct! Netflix turns Squid Game into a real-world game show where you can compete like the characters in the series. Ten episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge are planned and participants from all over the world have been gathered. Filming is already underway in the UK, but it appears the harsh conditions are causing participants to pass out. The Sun said that although the participants participated in the infamous “Red Light, Green Light” game, the shooting took place in temperatures below freezing -3C, making it very difficult for anyone to participate in the game.

Squid Game Real World Spin-off Show gives participants a chill

One contender compared the setting to a “war zone” and said that talking would get you kicked out. When red light is declared in “Red Light, Green Light”, you are not allowed to move, but because it was so cold, players found themselves shivering when standing still in the sub-zero temperatures. Furthermore, the participant said,

You could hear someone shout ‘medic’ and the crew rushed on. We ended up standing there for 30 minutes between takes. Some crept towards the end. At least one was carried on a stretcher.

It is estimated that several hundred contestants were eliminated in the first round. We’re not sure if anyone is competing in the Grand Finals. But I think we can all agree that we hope participants are given top priority.

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