Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art

PlayStation fans have been patiently waiting Final Fantasy VII rebirth, but it will probably take a while. The good news is that Square Enix recently gave fans some information about the release of some concept art from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Let me tell you that the concept art focuses on, a character, Betty that players usually encounter in the slums of Sector 7 during the quest “The Power of Music”. In addition, the art also gives fans a glimpse of how Betty started as a concept before being brought to life in the PS4 game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art Revealed

The new pieces of concept art shared via the game’s official Twitter account have been shared below:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The point worth noting is that the Final Fantasy VII Remake builds on the 1997 original. However, it includes some new characters and elements that were not part of the original game. Prominent among them is the newcomer Betty. For the people who have a deep knowledge of the original game, it was quite exciting to see how Square Enix changed things. Even though many fans are curious how far Final Fantasy VII rebirth takes things! There’s been a few speculations that Aerith could actually live in the game, but it’s still unknown if Square Enix would leave. However, it will take some time to know about her fate.

No doubt Final Fantasy VII is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. The salient point here is that Square Enix RPG exposed a much larger audience to the franchise than ever before. It makes it one of the largest in the industry. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Part One was very well received, but it remains to be seen if the developer can stick with the landing. Hopefully, Final Fantasy VII rebirth is expected to be fun for longtime fans of the original game along with the newcomers who made it through the story Final Fantasy VII Remake!

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