SpaceX fuels Mega Starship Rocket for the first time ever

Recent reports claim that SpaceX has successfully completed a very crucial fuel test of its mega deepspace rocket, dubbed Starship. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SpaceX has certainly made progress in turning science fiction into reality with this starship test.

Starship Rocket is the world’s most powerful rocket to date

The point worth noting is that the starship rocket is the world’s most powerful rocket that has been under development for many years. It is intended to carry cargo and people to the moon, Mars and beyond. Like fantasy or science fiction, this rocket wants to go beyond your imagination.

Reports claim the Mega Starship rocket was loaded with 4.6 million kilograms of propellant on Monday at SpaceX’s launch facilities in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX said:

“Starship completed its first full flight-like wet dress rehearsal on Starbase today. It was the first time an integrated ship and booster had been fully loaded with more than 10 million pounds of propellant. Today’s test will help verify a full launch countdown, as well as Starship’s performance and orbital path for flight-like operations.

Prior to the test, it was also ensured that the rocket can be safely refueled and that no leaks were present. It is undoubtedly a critical step for the company before it can conduct an orbital test flight and then begin operations.

If you don’t know this Mega Powerful Rocket yet, please go. The world’s most powerful starship is actually a reusable two-stage missile system consisting of:

  • a booster: the Super Heavy launcher
  • Spaceship of a spaceship

let me tell you that it is the most powerful launch vehicle developed to date in the entire world, capable of producing 3,991 tons of thrust, 15 percent more than NASA’s Apollo Moon rocket Saturn V. The remarkable thing here is that SpaceX is contracted by NASA to develop the Starship Human Landing System. This system is intended to help astronauts land on the moon as part of the US space agency’s Artemis program.

Elon Musk’s main goal is to make life multi-planetary by sending one million people to Mars by 2050 using his Starship fleet. The craft is tilted to enter the Martian atmosphere at 7.5 kilometers per second. In addition, it would be equipped with a heat shield to withstand repeated inputs. The point worth noting is that Musk has already sold seats on the Starship. American billionaire Jared Isaacman is among those buying a spot on the first manned orbital flight. In addition, the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa would also fly to the moon with a manned flight. He wants to bring along eight artists as part of his DearMoon program.

The next big step for the company is to prove the rocket is ready to fly by performing a static fire test, a ground on which the rocket’s engine is ignited. However, SpaceX needs a launch permit from US authorities to conduct an orbital test flight.

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