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Snapchat got ‘AI Chatbot’ powered by Open AI’s GPT technology

We all know Snapchat, but it won’t stay the way it is because the platform is now a AI chatbotand what makes it special is that this AI chatbot is powered by Chat GPT’s parent company, Open AI’s GPT technology.

You may be wondering what could be the reason for adding this chatbot and how this addition will bring more features to the platform users, so let’s discuss all the details below.

Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ chatbot: all the details

Snapchat's 'My AI' Chatbot All the details

Last year, the company revealed that its platforms are complete 750 million active users, and about alone two million people have subscribed to their premium subscription, which is called snapchat+.

In a strategic way to increase the number of paying users in the Snapchat+ service, the company has launched an AI chatbot called ‘My AI‘ and if you want to use this ‘My AI’ you have to pay for a Snapchat+ subscription, which costs $3.99 monthly.

And this ‘My AI’ chatbot can do all the things that the famous ChatGPT can. The main difference between the two is that My AI is trained by Snapchat staff, so it’s like Snapchat’s version of ChatGPT that follows the vibe of their platform.

You can also see the screenshot above which shows his way of talking. In addition, the company has trained it to prevent misinformation and make it work according to safety guidelines, as you will don’t get an answer delete if your text contains violent, sexual or political content.

And the company has said sorry in advance for this and may have decided that after seeing other chatbot incidents, for example Google’s Bard gave the wrong answerand the company lost about $100 billion.

The CEO of the company, Eve Spiegel, expressed his opinion on this AI, saying, “The big idea is that we’re not just talking to our friends and family every day, but we’re going to talk to AI every day”.

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