Skype Insider app runs faster on Apple Silicon Macs

Nearly three years ago, Apple announced the transition from Intel-based Macs to its own Apple Silicon Chips, which are faster. While the transition has happened, there are some apps that haven’t been updated so they can’t take full advantage of M1 and M2 chips. Now a new app joins the list of updated apps as Microsoft is working on a Skype Insider app for Apple Silicon Macs.

According to a speaker, Peter, Microsoft has begun testing a new version of the Skype for macOS app that adds support for the Apple Silicon platform. The company revealed that after this update is complete, the app will run three times faster on Macs powered by the M1 and M2 chips.

In announcing the update, Microsoft said:

“Say goodbye to sluggish and sluggish calling experiences and hello to lightning fast performance with crystal clear audio and video quality. the new app delivers “faster and more reliable call connections” for users with Apple Silicon Macs.”

Skype-owned Microsoft also shared a video showing that the time to load the chat on M1 Macs will be reduced from 200ms to 70ms.

Skype’s optimized performance for the Apple Silicon M1 chip is designed to deliver an unparalleled experience, with maximum performance and reliability. With this native Apple M1 support, Skype delivers faster and more reliable call connections, so you can stay in touch with the people who matter most to you.

The apps running on Apple Silicon consume less power from the device resulting in longer battery life.

Although Skype had been forgotten for a long time, Microsoft has revived and redesigned it in 2021 with new features such as built-in translation that works in real time during conversations. Skype with support for Apple Silicon Macs can be downloaded from the app’s website.

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