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Share nearby for PC download (Windows 11/10)

A few days ago, Google reported that Near Share for PC is not available to all users worldwide. For those who are not aware of Near Share, it is an app that makes sharing files between devices easier.

Previously, the feature was only limited to Android and allowed users to send and receive files and apps on Android smartphones. However, a Near Share desktop app has been created, which allows users to send and receive photos, documents, and more between nearby Android devices and Windows PCs.

Due to its features and ease of use, many users have messaged us asking how download Close Share for PC. So, in this article, we discuss Close share for PC download and how to use it. Let’s start.

What is Nearby Sharing?

What is Nearby Sharing?

Close sharing is basically a file sharing feature seen on Android. Although originally developed for Android, Nearby Sharing was now also available for Windows desktop/laptop users.

Nearby Sharing provides an easy way to share files between all your smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and other devices.

If you’re wondering how Close Share shares files between devices, it uses your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to find devices that are ready to accept the files. Once it finds the devices, it connects and proceeds with the file transfer process.

Which Windows computers are compatible with Share Nearby?

Before using the Nearby sharing desktop appyou need to make sure your PC is compatible with the new app.

The new Near Share desktop app is compatible with PCs/laptops running on the 64-bit version of Windows 10/11. The ARM device supports are excluded. You also need to make sure that your laptop/PC has a working Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device.

Download Nearby Sharing for PC latest version

Download Nearby Sharing for PC latest version

Until this year, Nearby Sharing is limited to Android devices only. However, in March 2023, Google planned to further develop the app and introduced Near Share beta for Windows.

The beta version of Near Share for Windows was made available in March 2023 and is now officially released and available as an app for all users around the world.

So now you can go ahead and download Close Share for PC. If you have a compatible PC, you can download and install Nearby Sharing and transfer files between mobile and PC.

How do you use Nearby sharing on Windows?

Using nearby sharing on Windows

Using Nearby Sharing is very easy, provided you have a computer with WiFi/Bluetooth and the right version of Windows.

To get started, you need to download and install the Near Share desktop app; you just need to open it and sign in to your google account.

After logging in, set your device visibility preferences to choose who can share with you. After you set everything up, you can effortlessly send and receive files through your Android and Windows PC.

Features of Nearby Sharing for desktop

The new desktop app Nearby Sharing offers many useful features that you may be interested in. Below we have listed some of the best features Close Share for PC.

Features of Nearby Sharing for desktop

Transfer files quickly

With the new Near Share for Desktop, you can easily and quickly transfer your important files between Android and Windows PCs. The speed of file sharing is fast and without any limitations. You can share unlimited files with this app.

Send all types of files

Yes, you are not limited to documents; you can now share photos, videos, audio files or entire folders between your Android device and Windows desktops and laptops with Nearby Sharing.

Share how you want

The new Near Share desktop app lets you control how you share files. You get control over who can discover your device and send files with you. You can set this control to receive files from anyone or your friends/family.

View photos on a larger screen

Since the Near Share desktop app supports sharing photos from Android to Windows, it is an advantage to view the photos on a larger screen. You can simply share the photo you want to view on your PC on a larger screen.

Totally free

Yes, you read that right! You get all these features without spending anything. Near Share is completely free to download and use on a desktop. What’s more interesting is that the tool does not limit the number of files you can send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nearby Sharing for PC free?

Yes, the new Nearby Sharing app for PC is completely free to download and use. You also don’t have to purchase anything to share files between the devices wirelessly.

How do I connect my Android device to Share Nearby for Windows?

If your phone is running Android 6 or later, Nearby Sharing is already installed. So you don’t have to download an extra app on your phone. On the desktop, download and install the Nearby Sharing app and enable device visibility.

How do I enable Nearby Sharing on my Android device?

Enabling nearby sharing on an Android device is very easy. Just pull down the notification shade and tap the Share Nearby tile. This should enable the feature on your phone.

How close do my devices need to be to use Nearby Sharing?

To wirelessly exchange files using the Nearby Sharing feature, your devices must be close to each other, within 5 meters.

Is neighborhood sharing safe?

Yes, the new Nearby sharing for desktops is 100% safe and secure to download and use. However, what files you receive from others may be questionable in terms of security. So double check the files before accepting them from others.

Nearby sharing is an excellent tool as it reduces our file sharing efforts across different devices. The file sharing tool supports all kinds of file types for transfer. So use the Nearby Sharing app on your desktop to receive and send files wirelessly.

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