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Scientists Accidentally Turned Moist Air Into Renewable Energy: Here’s How?

Last May, some researchers from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst came with fantastic news. Guess? They successfully generated a brief but continuous electrical current from humidity in the air. The interesting thing is that this breakthrough came as a surprise. The lead author of this study, Professor Jun Yao, revealed that they were able to achieve this goal by accident. However, it is hard to believe that such an accident changes humid air renewable energy. Is it not?

How did humid air turn into renewable energy?

Prof Jun Yao stated:

“To be honest, it was an accident. We were actually curious about making a simple sensor for humidity in the air. But for whatever reason, the student working on it forgot to plug it in.”

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Reports claim that the device made from a series of microscopic tubes or nanowires actually produced an electrical signal. The nanowires actually bounced around in the tube, resulting in a small charge. The point worth noting is that as the frequency of bumps increased, one end of the tube was charged differently than the other. Yao elaborated further:

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