Scarsdale International School Lahore suspends 5 students, including victim of violence scandal

Just a few days ago, social media was flooded with a video of a girl being assaulted at school. In the video, four girls can be seen beating the victim, while boys’ voices can also be heard telling them how to hit the girls. This incident happened in an elite school of Lahore called Scarsdale International School Lahore. After the video went viral, we came across some interviews of the victim’s father on social media where he revealed that after the school failed to cooperate with the victim’s family, he filed a complaint.

However, the Lahore court had granted bail to the schoolgirls named in the police complaint. Today we learned that five schoolgirls, including the victim, have been suspended from the school after the video went viral on social media showing girls punching, kicking and using foul language with the victim.

A new twist to the Scarsdale International School Lahore Incident

In relation to this incident, the school issued a circular where they identified the victim as an 8th grade student, while the suspects were identified as 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. The circular stated that this was the first time in was 25 years old , such an incident occurred in the school

“Based on their recommendations/findings, of the research efforts, disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved. Serious misconduct by the students involved may result in the expulsion of the students from the school, according to the school’s rules.”

The father of the assaulted girl revealed that this incident happened when his daughter recorded a video of her classmate using drugs and sent it to her father. because of this, the other girl became quite naughty and she took revenge in this way.

However, one thing to note here is that the school management was nowhere to be found when this incident took place, which is a major oversight on their part. Also, kids using drugs in schools is another red flag.

The father has also approached the FIA ​​to take action against those who uploaded this video clip on social media as it was a huge trauma for the entire family.

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