Scammers fake ChatGPT to distribute malware

ChatGPT becomes the fastest growing app of all time. Due to its popularity, hackers are using the popularity of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot to scam internet users. According to some latest reports, scammers are using ChatGPT to spread malware. Cybersecurity researchers have already discovered hundreds of recently registered domains using the term “ChatGPT”.

Scammers fake ChatGPT to distribute malware

Now Cybersecurity researcher Dominic Alvieri has shared his findings on social media regarding the fake ChatGPT websites. He came across some websites that tried to distribute malware and steal victims’ private information.

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According to him, such a website “” contains a downloadable local application for Windows. The application injects users with the RedLine information-stealing malware. Essentially, this malware steals information stored in users’ applications, such as their web browsers. For example, if a user lets Google Chrome save their passwords or credit card information, this malware can retrieve the data and send it to the hacker.

In addition to targeting Windows users, he also found fake ChatGPT apps in the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, these apps deploy similar phishing campaigns to steal user data.

Another cybersecurity company, Cycle, also discovered more than 50 fake ChatGPT apps. And the Cyble report uncovered some interesting ways hackers tried to steal from their victims, too.

Those who want to actually use ChatGPT without getting scammed should go directly to the OpenAI website via the URL, or the recently acquired domain,

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