Say goodbye to OnePlus Pro Line! There will never be a OnePlus 11 Pro or 11T

The lack of the OnePlus 11 Pro is undoubtedly part of a bigger change. The company confirmed there won’t be any more 11 Pro, but there won’t be any more Pro-level phones from the brand either. Let’s take a look at the statement from a OnePlus spokesperson:

Starting with our 2023 lineup, we’re streamlining the flagship portfolio in North America (and globally) by removing our Pro lineup. In our opinion, you don’t need to have a ‘Pro’ name for a device that is already ‘pro’.

It’s pretty clear from the statement that the company is essentially saying the OnePlus 11 is as “pro” as you want it to be. The point worth noting is that it’s pretty bizarre considering the OnePlus 11 lacks several premium features, including wireless charging and a full IP68 rating. We can easily find these features on even the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23, iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 7 models, none of which are even the “pro” phones in their respective lineups.

Amir Hussain

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