Samsung smartphones current price vs launch price

Will you buy a decent smartphone by paying PKR 50,000 more compared to last year? The global recession is on the horizon and Third World countries such as Pakistan are the main victims. Inflation has reached unprecedented heights and foreign exchange reserves are drying up. As a result, all sectors are facing a crisis, including the smartphone industry. Smartphone prices have risen sharply in the past year, especially Samsung smartphones. Furthermore, the national telecom regulator PTA has also increased the misery of the people by raising taxes exorbitantly. The South Korean giant is known for producing quality smartphones in all price segments. However, you will be shocked to see the difference between the current prices of Samsung smartphones and their launch price.

Samsung Smartphones Current Price Vs Launch Price – You Will Be Shocked!

Fashion model Introductory price (PKR) Current price (PKR)
Samsung A03 3GB/32GB 21,999 29,999
Samsung A03 4GB/64GB 23,999 37,999
Samsung A12 4GB/64GB 28,999 43,999
Samsung A13 4GB/64GB 35,500 52,999
Samsung A13 4GB/128GB 38,500 57,999
Samsung A32 6GB/128GB 47,500 57,999
Samsung A23 48,500 71,999
Samsung A33 8GB/128GB 71,500 103,500
Samsung A53 8GB/128GB 85,999 123,500
Samsung A73 8GB/256GB 115,999 156,999
Samsung S22 200,999 232,999
Samsung S22Ultra 285,999 389,999
Samsung S21FE 128GB 138,500 163,000
Samsung S21FE 256 GB 145,999 173,000
Samsung Z Flip 4 8GB/512GB 265,000 339,999
Samsung Z Fold 4 12GB/512GB 420,000 529,999

As you can clearly see from the table above, all Samsung smartphone prices have increased exorbitantly. There is literally no more budget segment as even the most inconspicuous smartphone is available for PKR 30k. Likewise, the midrange phones hit 100,000, and flagship phones reach 400,000-500,000, which is out of reach for most people.

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