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Samsung registers 6 new Galaxy brands

The tech giant is in the process of launching a new set of devices later this month, including the highly anticipated one Galaxy Z Fold 5 And Galaxy Z Flip 5. The interesting news is that Samsung still has new tablets and a new watch in store for us. According to the latest reports, a new Samsung wearable is being tipped. It is expected to be a Galaxy Ring that will come out first Samsung. In addition, the company recently registered 6 new Galaxy brands. If you want to know more about Samsung Galaxy brandslet’s dive into it.

6 new Samsung Galaxy brands registered

The tech giant is not slow to get going. The company has gone ahead and registered six new Galaxy brands. The point worth mentioning is that it is not new as companies tend to do that and end up choosing one that best suits their product. The new Galaxy brands are written as follows:

  • Galaxy One
  • Galaxy pulse
  • Milky Way rhythm
  • Galaxy index
  • Galaxy insight
  • Milky Way circle

It’s pretty clear from the original tweet showing how these names were registered not long ago. It clearly indicates that there are opportunities, the company may be working on a new wearable, but it may not be released later this month.

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We can’t say anything about what Samsung is up to just yet, but chances are we’ll get a chance to check out the new smart ring at the Galaxy Unpacked later this month. The highly anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on July 26. That day will reveal what Samsung has in store for us. Maybe we’ll see a new smart ring called Galaxy Ring, or maybe we’ll just get a glimpse of it. So brace yourself, because the event is quite close. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on all things.

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