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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 may have built-in ‘projector’

The latest report suggests that Samsung is secretly working on a watch that will support the capabilities of the projectorand its capabilities are greater because Samsung has already done it in the past.

It may sound crazy, but ten years ago Samsung launched a smartphone called Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam which had a built-in nHD projector, and was the first smartphone company to do so.

And now it would be the first company to bring the same capabilities to the smartwatch industry as it has registered a new patent on the subject which is worth discussing, so continue below.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch is said to have a built-in ‘projector’. This is why

Samsung's next Galaxy Watch is said to have a built-in 'projector'.  This is why

As noted by Wareable.comSamsung has filed a new patent February 2023which shows the same concept of beam projection that the company used a decade ago, but this time for smartwatches.

You can see how it will work in the image above, the projector will be placed between the left edges when you see it from the front, and it will display the information on the back of the hand.

Samsung's next Galaxy Watch is said to have a built-in 'projector'

The report also mentioned some descriptions of the patent, such as the smartwatch that would have the ability to use the main screen, PicturesAnd videos.

And the projector does it with the help of several lenses And LED radiators that are aligned in two or three separate lines so that they can project from bend to hand.

To learn more about this, you can also check out the official report that includes all its mechanism and working descriptions.

And Samsung is more likely to bring this built-in projector Galaxy Watch 6 serieswhich is expected to be launched in the next six months, or we could also see the entry of new series in Samsung’s smartwatch community whose marketing and promotion will highlight this feature.

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