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Samsung Galaxy A14 PTA Tax and Customs Duty in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy A14 Indebted taxes:

PKR 45,000 (on passport)
PKR 60,000 (On identity card)

If you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy A14 model abroad and bring it to Pakistan for your personal use, you have to keep one thing in mind, because of DIRBS, you have to pay PTA tax to register it and be in able to use it with your local SIM card here in Pakistan. Samsung Galaxy A14 PTA tax/customs duty must be paid within 30 days (in case of PTA passport registration) and 60 days (in case of PTA ID card registration) to register your phone with PTA to use it with any local network if you import it to Pakistan. If you plan to visit Pakistan for less than 120 days, you can register your phone with PTA DIRBS for free in 2023. Details are mentioned at the end.

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.

Know the PTA load on other smartphones and other devices?

Samsung Galaxy A14 PTA Tax/Exact Customs Duty are listed above to help you know the exact cost you would incur for importing the latest Samsung smartphones to Pakistan. You can use it for 60 days, after that your phone won’t work with a local SIM card.


Register your phone for free with PTA DIRBS as an Overseas Pakistani in 2023 for 120 days upon arrival.

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