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Saima Mohsin, British-Pakistani journalist, files suit against CNN for alleged racial discrimination and unfair dismissal

CNN is being sued by a former correspondent for racial discrimination and unfair dismissal after she was seriously injured while broadcasting in Israel.

According to a Guardian story, British-Pakistani journalist Saima Mohsin was crippled as a result of an accident that occurred while covering the war between Israel and Palestine from Jerusalem.

In a tragic incident in 2014, a cameraman accidentally ran a car over her foot, causing significant tissue damage. Since then she has faced enormous challenges performing basic tasks such as sitting, standing, walking and even returning to work full time. The incident has had a lasting impact on her daily life, leaving her with constant struggles and limitations.

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In the aftermath of a harrowing incident, she pleaded with the media organization to assign her a less physically demanding position and help with her rehabilitation. However, CNN firmly rejected her request, causing further disappointment.

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“She also claims she asked CNN or she could switch to a presenter role to spend less time traveling, but she was told, ‘You don’t have the charisma we’re looking for,’ the Guardian reported.

In a surprising turn of events, CNN has made the decision to terminate its employment after a three-year tenure. The news organization, known for its extensive coverage and global reach, has reportedly parted ways with her in question.

The reporter involved in a life-altering injury has decided to escalate her situation by filing an employment tribunal. The case is scheduled for Monday, as CNN, the news organization she works for, has reportedly refused to provide her with the necessary support.

“I worked hard to become an international correspondent and loved my job at CNN. Many times I risked my life on assignment for CNN in the belief that they would support me. They didn’t,” she said.

In a recent revelation, Mohsin has come forward with allegations of discrimination based on race and disability, along with a gender pay gap, during her time at CNN.

The former CNN reporter also said that management preferred white American journalists to her, even if she was willing to go live on the ground, which resulted in her getting less airtime on CNN.

The journalist has presented programs on a freelance basis for both Sky News and ITV. One of the programs she has done was for ITV and it was about the difficulties of living with an invisible disability.

“This should worry all foreign correspondents who travel the world — and take risks doing their journalism in the belief that their employer will take care of them,” she said.

“I also take this opportunity to draw attention to the issues of racism and the gender pay gap that I have experienced. I was repeatedly let down and denied the opportunity to reach my potential while I was at it CNN. I am making my claim to take a stand and call for change to ensure that women journalists, and women journalists of color, are better protected.”

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