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Release date, name and more

OnePlus is rumored to be launching its first foldable smartphone in a long time and finally, the company revealed some crucial details at the OnePlus 11 launch event known as Cloud 11 held this month.

In addition to some of these officially confirmed details, there are also some new leaked details that clarify more details about this foldable smartphone, so let’s discuss them below.

OnePlus V Fold/Flip: everything we know so far

OnePlus V FoldFlip Everything we know so far

The market for foldable smartphones grew so fast last year In return for And vivo have also entered the race to compete with Samsung. And OnePlus will also join the community this year.

Currently, the specs and design of the smartphone are a mystery as the company is yet to reveal them, but for reference, it revealed the first image of it which you can see above.

The name has not yet been confirmed by officials, but a new trademark listing has been filed under the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) unveiled two upcoming devices from OnePlus: OnePlus V fold And OnePlus V Flip.

Date of publication

During the Cloud 11 event, the company had not expressed the precise launch of this smartphone, but at the first look at the image, they clearly stated that this smartphone is going launch in Q3 of this year.

Since this launch timeline has been provided by the official, there is therefore less chance of any change or delay. Moreover, it is more likely that we will get this device in July or August.

Because OnePlus usually launches its large smartphone in July or Augustand we all know that September is known for the launch of the next generation of iPhones, so it is understandable that OnePlus will not launch its smartphone in September.

Separately, Google is also working on one foldable smartphone that will come under the Pixel seriesand it is also highly anticipated that the year will start in August.

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