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Reasons For Poor Signals And Hacks How To Boost Wifi Signals Through Walls

how to amplify wifi signal through walls

It’s frustrating when you have poor WiFi signals at home. Everyone has experienced the frustration of a weak Wi-Fi connection in their home. After checking your internet speed, you need to take action to improve the speed. Fortunately, there are ways to boost the signal and extend the range. Learn how to amplify the WiFi signal through walls in this article.

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Reasons for poor WiFi signals?

Let’s look at some possible factors that contribute to amplifying the Wi-Fi signal through walls:

Facets Of A Wall

The thickness of your walls and what they are composed of has a major impact on the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. The strength of your WiFi decreases proportionally with the thickness and density of the walls of your building. As an added complication, Wi-Fi signals can be weakened by metal in the walls, such as pipes or wire.

The location of the router

WiFi signals are often sent in a cyclical pattern. Therefore, you may lose your Wi-Fi signal and connectivity if one of the walls in your home blocks this circular projection. If you want to boost the Wi-Fi signal through walls, you’ll need to place your router where obstacles can’t get in the way.

Number of walls

If your router is in a different room than where you are, the signal is very unlikely to reach you. The link is completely broken when you add another barrier on top of the previous one. As a result of this interference, you will notice that some rooms in your home have a stable and reliable connection, while others do not. As a result, you may get slower internet signals on one computer than on the other.

Signal stability

The stability and speed of your online activities are also affected by the intensity of your Wi-Fi connection. Outdated firmware or other problems with the router can prevent the signal from passing through barriers, and even if it does, the connection can be unreliable.

Certain applications usually fail to load media due to problems with your network or Wi-Fi. Connect your device to your router with an Ethernet port and then run a speed test to check your wired internet connection. If the problem persists, contact your ISP.

Ways to amplify WiFi signals through walls

Here are the different ways to boost WiFi signals, but if you are a gamer, check out these 5 best ways to boost your internet speed for gaming.

Buy a WiFi mesh system

Mesh WiFi can increase data transfer rates and network coverage and works as a WiFi extender. This Wi-Fi setup uses a mesh network of numerous access points to provide reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. You need to buy a mesh wifi system or update the existing routers. When the devices are strategically positioned, mesh Wi-Fi creates a virtual cloud around your home. It does not go through walls but instead along the outside of buildings.

Replace the firmware on your router

Outdated firmware on routers can cause them to send out signals that cannot pass through barriers. You may experience this problem if you have been using this particular router for a long time.

Because router makers are constantly adding new features, it’s important to keep your router’s software up to date. Improving the router’s software improves performance and enables stronger signals through walls.

Place the router in a convenient central location

If the signals from the subtle router are close to walls or partially blocked by other devices, you will get poor signals. For optimal signal strength, place your router in the center of the room.

If you want to boost the Wi-Fi signal through walls, this will help it reach further. This method is ideal for use with routers in multi-room homes. The router’s antennas should be pointed permanently at your gadgets for maximum protection.

Change the channel

A major problem for city dwellers is interference. The speed of your Wi-Fi connection can be slowed down by interference from other networks, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other devices.

Most routers choose a channel automatically, but if other wireless networks nearby use the same track, your connection may be slow. Set to Automatic, a good router will try to pick the least busy channel; nevertheless, older or less expensive devices can select a predefined channel, even if it is not the best.

Set up a second antenna

You can get a stronger signal by installing an additional antenna on your router, even if it already has one built in. Many router manufacturers offer antennas that can be purchased separately if you don’t already have one.

A directional antenna is probably the best choice if your network is not perfectly aligned everywhere. Point the signal beam of the external antenna at the signal-free area.

Buy a WiFi booster

It is possible to find WiFi extenders in the form of an extension or a repeater. If you want your wireless network throughout your home to be as fast and reliable as possible, a WiFi range extender is a must-have.

It is recommended to use an extension if getting a Wi-Fi signal is difficult due to thick walls. Signals can pass through porous edges, making a repeater more useful in larger spaces.

Buy a new powerful router

The best option is to upgrade to WiFi 6 technology, which comes with the best long-distance routers. This type of router will undoubtedly feature beamforming technology and quality of service.

When buying a new router, pay attention to a large service area. The router must support at least three frequencies. It provides a robust signal throughout your home, enabling reliable connectivity in any location.

How to strengthen the WiFi signal with aluminum foil?

You can bounce your router’s signal around the room to see if it improves the strength. Aluminum foil (or plain aluminum foil) can serve as a makeshift reflector in an emergency. Make a curved shape with a piece of foil about 30 centimeters long. Wrap and squeeze a 2 liter plastic bottle into a bottle shape.

How to increase WiFi range via router settings?

Learn where to access the WiFi configuration menu. You can switch to the 5 GHz frequency or activate both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies (recommended). To improve your Wi-Fi performance, you can adjust your router’s settings to use the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands.

How to improve the WiFi signal on the phone?

  1. You can restart your gadgets.
  2. Move to a location closer to the wireless router.
  3. Change the frequency of your WiFi network.
  4. Make sure that the phone case does not interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Use a Wi-Fi analyzer to locate signal-free areas.
  6. The router needs to be moved.
  7. In this case, a WiFi repeater can help.
  8. Make sure your electronics are up to date by performing the necessary updates.

In Summary – How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals Through Walls

This concludes our quick guide on how to amplify Wi-Fi signals through walls. These guidelines will help you get strong Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. Our goal is for you to finally enjoy uninterrupted online activities such as browsing, streaming and gaming. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might love these best gaming chairs with speakers and vibrations.

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