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Some people already knew the idea of ​​switching Netflix Squid game on a real-world reality show was a bad idea. Is it not? It has undoubtedly worked out as a number of contestants are taking legal action against the Netflix-produced reality show due to unsafe working conditions. They said they were traumatized because participating in what they believe was a rigged competition is more than trauma.

Real Squid Game participants are not happy at all

Reports claim that the Squid game reality show ended filming last Monday. Reports by That’s what Rolling Stone claims four former contestants of Netflix’s Squid game: the challenge have alleged that the streamer and its co-production studios, Studio Lambert and The Garden, forced them into inhumane working conditions. Let me tell you that Squid game: the challenge was actually announced in June last year after the success of the mega-famous Korean drama. It was watched 1.65 billion hours in its first 28 days on Netflix.

Many reality show contestants claim they suffered trauma when the contest was rigged. A former contestant stated:

“All the agony and trauma we experienced was not due to the game or the severity of the game. It was the incompetences of scale – biting off more than they could chew.

In fact, according to previous reports, 10 contestants required medical attention for injuries sustained while filming the reality show. Among them, pneumonia, a hernia, a torn patellar tendon and an ear infection were the most important. A few contestants were asked to stand still while playing “Red Light, Green Light” at 26° Fahrenheit (-3° Celsius) in 30-minute increments during a nine-hour filming session that caused such injuries.

At the time, a Netflix representative even shared that:

“It invested in all appropriate safety procedures to ensure the health and safety of its cast and crew members was maintained. Although it was very cold on set – and the contestants were prepared for it – any claims of serious injury are untrue.

Another complaint alleges that the show was rigged. According to reports, numerous reality show contestants, including Instagram and TikTok influencers, were scripted to advance to the next round of the competition whether or not they completed a game. No doubt it artificially heightens the intrigue for onscreen storylines. A former competitor said:

“The funny thing is that equality and fairness was the main theme of the original Squid game

A number of contestants had their leeches go off and were alleged to have been eliminated from the reality show at the same time. According to them, the show’s producers eliminated them despite successfully completing a game. A former player claims that:

“Instead of Squid game, [they] call it ‘Rigged Game’. Instead of Netflix, they call it ‘Net Fix’ because it was obvious.”

The point worth noting is that the release of the Netflix show spawned a number of copycats. Among them, the most notable was a knock-off video game and YouTuber MrBeast’s real-life version of the show’s death games, in which 456 people compete against each other to win $456,000.

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