Qualcomm clarifies that the new US ban will not affect the supply of chips to Huawei

Qualcomm has taken the opportunity presented by the recent tightening of the US ban on Huawei to clarify the supply of chips to the Chinese telecom giant. The matter was clarified by Alex Rogers, president of Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL) and Global Affairs.

According to a source, Rogers stated during the Q1 2023 earnings call that Qualcomm is not aware of the new regulations from the US government. The company therefore does not expect a significant impact on the sale of 4G processors and Wi-Fi chips to Huawei.

In an article published by Huawei Central, Rogers is quoted as saying that the new changes made by the US government have no real effect on the supply of Qualcomm technology to Huawei, as the company already has a license allowing it to use 4G chips and Wi-Fi. chips to Huawei. because they pose no threat to national security.

Huawei is relieved to hear the news as the company feared losing access to Qualcomm’s technologies. This clarification restores investor confidence in the Chinese telecom giant by relieving them of the huge burden of potential loss of access to vital technologies.

This despite the fact that the US Department of Commerce is considering not issuing new licenses. Rogers indicated that it had not yet received any official notification, so he is confident in the current business relationship with Huawei.

As the US government continues to impose restrictions on Chinese tech giant Huawei over national security concerns, many are fearful and concerned about what this ban would mean for the company’s chances of releasing new products and accessing the most advanced technologies.

According to sources, the United States has banned the shipment of all 4G chips, WiFi 6 and 7 chips, and AI processors to Huawei. Qualcomm, one of the top mobile phone semiconductor manufacturers, has recently stated that these new restrictions will not prevent the distribution of Snapdragon chips to Chinese companies.

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