PTI is asking for the release of its former social media head, Azhar Mashwani

The arrest of Azhar Mashwani, the former social media head of PTI, has caused an uproar within the party, with members taking to social media to demand his immediate release. Mashwani was apparently detained on charges of criticizing the Punjab Police and Transitional Government for using violence against party workers.

The incident has sparked a strong backlash from PTI leaders, including former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who accused authorities of kidnapping the party activist. The hashtag #ReleaseAzharMashwani is currently trending on social media with many demanding justice for Mashwani.

In this regard, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in a tweet:

Enough is enough. Police in Punjab and Islamabad are breaking all laws with impunity while targeting PTI. Today, Azhar Mashwani was abducted from Lahore at noon and his whereabouts are unknown.

The crackdown on PTI has intensified since the Zaman Park clashes and vandalism at the judicial complex. The homes of PTI leaders have been raided and more than 200 workers have been arrested on charges of violating Section 144 and interfering in state affairs.

Unfortunately, this political climate in Pakistan is also affecting members of the media fraternity, as evidenced by the recent arrest of BOL News Islamabad Bureau Chief Siddique Jan. International concern over human rights abuses in the country is growing, with US Senator Jacky Rosen expressing concern about the rising political violence.

It is important that authorities respect freedom of expression and human rights and ensure that individuals are not targeted for expressing their views. The PTI and other political parties should work to promote a peaceful political environment where differing opinions are respected and constructive dialogue is encouraged.

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