PTA will receive more than 16,000 complaints against telecom operators in February 2023

According to the latest reports, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority recently received 16,195 complaints against various telecom operators and mobile operators in Pakistan. This complaints against telecom operators were received from consumers in the month of February 2023. Reports claim that out of 16,000 complaints, 15,992 have been resolved, meaning 98% of issues have been resolved.

98% of complaints against telecom operators resolved

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobile cellular subscribers make up a large portion of the total telecom subscriber base. Therefore, a maximum number of complaints belongs to this segment. Reports claim that the total number of complaints against mobile mobile operators in February was 15,700. However, the good piece of information is that 15,539 complaints were handled.

According to the PTA data:

  • 6,885 complaints against Jazz have been received, of which 6,870 have been resolved. (99%)
  • 3,224 complaints against Telenor were received, of which 3,215 were resolved. (99%)
  • 3,588 complaints against Zong have been received, of which 3,554 have been dealt with. (99%)
  • 1,993 complaints against Ufone have been received, of which 1,892 have been resolved. (94%)

In addition, PTA also received 128 complaints about basic telephony. It is said that of those 118 were addressed in February. Almost 92% of complaints are resolved in this way. Last but not least, 355 complaints were received against ISPs, of which 324 were addressed (91%).

The number of complaints was not less, but the great thing is that the maximum number of complaints has been resolved by the telecom operators. It’s good to know that CMOs are doing their best to improve the user experience and resolve their issues quickly as well.

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