PTA authorizes jazz for technical trials

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has tentatively authorized PMCL (Jazz) for technical trials in conjunction with BiP Communication Technologies for an initial period of two months starting March 15, 2023.

The PTA officials revealed that the permission is only given for technical trials and non-commercial. Further input will be needed from all stakeholders, including intelligence and law enforcement agencies. It is not possible to wait months and years to make such decisions or to complete the three-man PTA authority.

PTA authorizes jazz for technical trials

The PTA has allowed Jazz for trials on certain terms, including;

  • the process is conducted on a non-exclusive, non-permanent, non-discriminatory, non-interference and non-protection basis
  • A2N and N2A calls are made only for Jazz Intra-Network. However, a limited number of SIMs/Fixed Local Loop Operators (FLLOs) connections from other mobile operators (OMOs) may be allowed to test cross-network A2N/N2A calling scenarios and their commercial/QoS aspects, with mutual consent of the OMO/FLLO and PMCL. In addition, test SIM data/connections from other OMO/FLLO will be shared with Authority,
  • PMCL to ensure that A2N and N2A calling feature should only be available in Pakistan
  • PMCL to ensure that a mechanism is put in place for interrogation of the EIRs to ensure that BIP calls are made through PTA approved IMEIs devices
  • PMCL will ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place to meet PTA requirements on DIRBS and lost/stolen devices
  • PMCL to ensure and maintain LI compliance
  • PMCL shares detailed agreements with Turkcell to ensure the security and privacy of Pakistani citizen data
  • PMCL to provide the necessary protection for data security concerns
  • PMCL will ensure compliance with Quality of Service (QoS) as stipulated in the License Terms and Cellular Mobile Network Quality of Service Regulations 2021.
  • A2N/N2A calls are charged from the user’s airtime according to PMCL’s existing voice or data packages and no hidden/additional charges apply.
  • PMCL will seek approval for the consumer awareness materials through CA Division PTA and clearly state that the services are on a trial basis for a limited period of time
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  • PMCL and BiP commit not to engage in anti-competitive practices related to the provision of services to end users and other telecom operators
  • PMCL pays all applicable taxes to the GoP for all types of traffic
  • PMCL will request prior approval of its data rates from PTA for data offers related to BiP services
  • In the case of international inbound minutes terminated through BiP, the revenues/receipts of the corresponding operator(s) respecting inbound international telephony services are kept by the LDN / respective LDI operator in a separate bank account held for this purpose
  • PMCL will pay all applicable interconnection charges, including termination rates for call termination to the telecom network
  • The complete technical architecture of the solution (HLD/LLD ATPs). Call flows with L3 signaling and integration data are shared
  • Regulatory compliance and global best practices (as adopted in Turkey) are shared.

Post-trial requirements include;

  1. an extensive post-trial including but not limited to QoS. Commercial and technical reports will be shared at the end of the trial period
  2. PMCL provides data storage/housing in Pakistan in accordance with license and regulation 8 (12) of the Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulations, 2020 as instructed by the authority for this purpose. During the techno-commercial trial, PMCL will provide its roadmap including a data localization plan for this
  3. PMCL to set up data servers/gateway in Pakistan as instructed by the Authority
  4. Removal and blocking of illegal online content (procedure. Monitoring and safeguards) Rules 2021 apply
  5. BiP will register itself as a major social media company, under the Rules of Removal and Blocking of Unlawful Online Content, 2021 or as instructed by the Authority
  6. An agreement concluded between PMCL, LDN and BA is shared with authority LON and PMCL’s agreement with BiP is non-exclusive and non-discriminatory in nature against other operators
  7. Income earned through the PMCL and LDN scheme must be reflected separately from the AAA. All revenues, including but not limited to fees in subscription bills, etc., received by Jazz or other operators due to the provision of such or related services, will be reported separately under the heading gross revenue and the full amount thereof will be offered for application of annual statutory charges by the relevant operator. Furthermore, netting of related costs is not permitted under any circumstances
  8. Any payments or accrual of charges from foreign carriers are not considered interoperator charges
  9. Authority may impose any additional conditions/requirements as and when required. Failure to comply with the terms may result in withdrawal of consent and may lead to legal action under applicable law.

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