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‘PS5 Pro’ is reportedly under-developed and may arrive in 2024

Sony is already battling Microsoft for one Call of Duty game series contract, but rumor has it that the company is also now working on a new PlayStation 5 console model, which may well be the PS5 Pro.

Japan-based technology giant Sony has great authority in the console market with its PlayStation consoles and may be planning an addition that will be released later this year.

PlayStation 5 series would get a new addition next year

PlayStation 5 series would get a new addition next year

Everyone knows the PlayStation 5 serieswhich Sony launched in late 2020, seven years after the launch of its predecessor when PS4 launched in Q4 2013.

And according to the latest report from Insider gamingthe company is secretly working on one new model of the PlayStation 5 console. The information did not reveal much about it their source because they kept it nameless.

In addition, this report does not detail the upgrades we would see in this Pro version. But we can definitely say that it will feature multiple improvements such as better Ray tracing And heat solution.

While the same report noted that Sony is expected to launch it PlayStation 5 Pro next year in Q4. And if they didn’t get into trouble during the development phase of it, so that its arrival could be in November month.

Because Sony has chosen several times this month to launch PlayStation models and series, and this report also claims that the arrival will be in the last months of the year.

Apart from this report, several speakers have already mentioned the Pro version of PS5 before, and there is one more thing that assures about PS5 Pro.

The company launched PlayStation 4’s Pro version in 2016which had multiple upgrades and improvements compared to the normal PS4.

Sony has taken a three-year gap between the launch of Pro and non-Pro models, and 2024 will be the third year after PS5 launch, so it’s more likely that history will repeat itself.

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