Price of Nayatel internet package increased again

Nayatel entered the Pakistani market when PTCL was not providing enough services and people were not happy at all. During that time, the new entrant, Nayatel, offered not only better services but also relatively lower prices compared to the quality of services provided by the operator. However, it seems that it is now time to go back to PTCL as the price of the Nayatel internet package has risen again. It should be noted here that this is not the first time in recent months that the company has increased its prices, in fact, we have had to encounter this price increase several times in recent months.

Regarding the price increase, Nayatel has sent an email to its customers and reported the price increase on its services. It also revealed that the new rate will take effect from March 1, 2023.

Unfortunately, the Bundle of 15 MBPs now costs Rs. 2,150 per month. This is just one example, as the prices of all bundles have increased. Fortunately, the price of a smart TV connection has remained the same in recent months.

This is the email from Nayatel received by the customers:

“Providing top quality services at competitive prices is our tradition. However, in recent months, the prices of Internet bandwidth linked to $, rents, electricity, fuel, etc. and all other expenses have increased dramatically. We are therefore forced to pass on the lowest possible increase to our customers.”

package Old Price (PKR) New price (PKR)
15Mbps 2,050 2,150

While it may seem like it’s not a big jump, but compared to the walk taken several times over the last few months, it really matters.

It should also be mentioned here that PTCL has greatly improved its services and people who have opted for PTCL internet after fiber optic service are very happy. Even the prices compared to Nayatel are nominal.

Given the competition with PTCL and other new entrants in the internet service providers including Stormfiber and Transworld, it is high time that Nayatel carefully planned its footsteps regarding price increases as this could lead to loss of subscribers and users.

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