Playing Grand Theft Auto V Could Put Your PCs at Risk: Here’s Why?

Recent reports claim that a new bug in Grand Theft Auto V Online is compromising the gameplay of PC gamers these days. It is claimed that the bug is even potentially harmful to the hardware.

Grand Theft Auto V players face corrupted accounts

The bug allows cheaters and modders to hijack, edit, or corrupt PC gamers’ account credentials. While some players are reporting that all their gameplay and account data has been wiped, while others are claiming that their in-game currency has been stolen.

Worst of all, the bug reportedly allows partial remote code execution. In addition, malicious users can edit players’ PC files. Let me tell you that the publisher of GTA, Rockstar Games, has not yet officially commented on the matter. However, many commentators have encouraged PC players not to play the game until we all know what’s going on.

News of this issue first appeared on the internet this weekend, with one particular observer, the Twitter account Tez2. He regularly updates Rockstar news. When he posted extensively about the exploit, many complaints began to explode on Rockstar’s official support forums.

No doubt this seems as dangerous as last year’s Dark Souls online security vulnerabilities. To keep players safe, Bandai Namco took action and shut down servers across the series until the exploit was fixed. However, it is still unclear whether Rockstar will do the same or not. It’s a tough time to be a GTA V fan when the road to players’ PCs remains open. So let’s wait and see how Rockstar fixes this bug.

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