Pakistan Locates Production of Cyber ​​Security SIM Cards

According to the latest reports, Pakistan plans to produce its own SIM cards and smart cards. The main goal behind this is to protect the country from cyber-attacks and boost digital transformation. Undoubtedly, localizing SIM card production will have a significant impact on the country’s economic growth. At the same time, Pakistan will be secured against cyber-attacks. So it seems like a good decision indeed.

PTA encourages to locate SIM card production in Pakistan

The question that comes to your mind is how the localization of SIM card production will affect the economic growth of the country? So, let me tell you that domestic manufacturing of SIM cards helps the economy by reducing imports, creating more job opportunities, tax revenues and foreign exchange savings. All these factors play an important role in boosting the growth of the country’s economy.

In a report, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) recently encouraged the use and compliance of SIM card manufacturing in the telecom sector. In addition, the report also mentions the local manufacturing industry as an important driver of long-term economic progress.

We all know that new forms of SIM cards such as eSIMs, soft SIMs and iSIMs have been developed as alternatives to classic physical SIM cards as technology advances. What can the local manufacturers of physical SIM cards do? They can set up eSIM management platforms and deliver eSIM goods to mobile carriers via ‘platform as a service’.

This move is an important step towards the government’s goal of digital transformation. There is no doubt that this step will play an important role in the development of a supportive environment for digital services. With millions of SIM cards currently being imported, the move will result in significant economic benefits and research and development opportunities.

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