Pakistan is witnessing a 2.41% growth in IT exports

The IT sector has enormous potential to boost the economy of any country. That’s according to recent statistics shared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. During the first six months of the current fiscal year 2022-2023, Pakistan earned $1,333,230 million by providing information technology (IT) services to other countries. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), this represents an increase of 2.41% compared to the $1,301,880 million earned through providing services in the same months of fiscal year 2021-22.

In July-December (2022-23), exports of computer services increased by 3.15 percent, from US$1,033,280 million in the previous fiscal year to US$1,065,810 million in the current fiscal year.

Exports of software consulting services grew 6.34 percent, from $368.334 million to $391.697 million, while exports of hardware consulting services grew 209.95 percent, from $1.095 million to $3.394 million.

Exports and imports of services related to computer software increased by 11.29 percent, from US$271.697 million to US$302.376 million, while exports of repair and maintenance services increased from US$0.754 million to US$1.530 million.

In addition, exports of other computer services fell 6.28 percent, from $391,400 million to $366,813 million. In the year under review, exports of information services fell by 22.97 percent from US$ 2.83 million to US$ 2.18 million.

Exports of news agency services plunged 22.36 percent, from $1.923 million to $1.493 million, while exports of other information services fell 24.26 percent, from $0.907 million to $0.657 million. The statistics also indicated that exports of telecommunications services fell by 0.20 percent from US$265.770 million to US$265.240 million over the period under review.

Exports of call center services grew 5.22 percent over the period, from $101.694 million to $107.006 million, while exports of other telecommunication services declined 3.56 percent, from $164.076 million to $158.234 million, according to PBS data.

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