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PAFLA, MMBL Sign Strategic Partnership to Promote Freelancing in Pakistan

Pakistan Freelancers’ Association (PAFLA) and Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) have signed a strategic partnership to strengthen financial literacy, inclusiveness and entrepreneurship across the country.

Under the partnership, PAFLA and Mobilink Microfinance Bank will organize events and workshops, support freelancers, provide academic assistance and set up incubation centers across Pakistan. In addition, the two partners will also jointly conduct executive roadshows and events across Pakistan.

In this regard, the MoU was signed by Ghazanfar Azzam, President and CEO of Mobilink Bank and CEO PAFLA Tufail Ahmed Khan at Mobilink Bank’s headquarters in Islamabad. PAFLA co-founder Ibrahim Amin also attended the occasion.

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PAFLA and Mobilink Microfinance Bank

Through this strategic alliance and shared commitment, PAFLA and Mobilink Bank will strive to empower entrepreneurs and drive economic growth. Furthermore, the Bank will open freelancer accounts for existing and new members of PAFLA, in addition to mentorship, training, learning opportunities and co-working spaces in various cities.

These educational events will play a vital role in creating awareness and understanding of the app’s features. By educating the public about the app’s functionalities, Mobilink Bank is committed to encouraging its adoption and enabling a greater number of individuals to access the inclusive digital and financial services.

CEO PAFLA Tufail Ahmed Khan said: “The trend of freelancing in Pakistan is on the rise, but there is a lot of scope to further promote this style of work across the country by providing training and capacity building programs to our people, especially young people. In this regard, responsible institutions should step forward and play their vital role in fostering human talent in the country.”

PAFLA Co-Founder and Chairman Ibrahim Amin said, “The freelancers play a vital role in bringing foreign exchange to the country. Our banks should provide them with convenient account facilities that allow them to serve the nation well without any problems and challenges.

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