Online biometric verification becomes mandatory for hajj pilgrims: religious ministry

According to the latest reports, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interreligious Harmony recently held an important meeting on the use of ‘The Saudi Visa Bio-Application’. During the meeting, it was briefed that online biometric verification would also become mandatory for Hajj pilgrims this year.

Online biometric verification would be mandatory for pilgrims

In one of the presentations, the officials of the Saudi Foreign Ministry and representatives of the Etimad Bureau informed that the hajj pilgrims can use this application through their smart mobile phones. The point worth noting is that there are only three simple steps, including:

  • Taking selfies
  • Scan passports
  • Scan fingerprints using the mobile camera

According to the officials, the fingerprint biometric facility would be available free of charge at Etimad offices across the country. Moreover, Ministry of Religious Affairs spokesman Muhammad Umar Butt even explained that the instructions on how to use this mobile app would also be available on the Ministry’s website and social media.

Let me tell you that persons with hand or finger disabilities must upload a computerized medical certificate from the licensed physician. It is quite clear that the biometric mobile application was further simplified.

Reports claim that the meeting was chaired by Joint Secretary Hajj and attended by the Hajj Wing officers along with representatives of private Hajj operators. Earlier in February, the ministry also decided to allocate a special 25 percent quota in the government’s Hajj program for the pilgrims who pay dollar dues.

According to officials, the prospective pilgrims, who pay dues in dollars, will be exempt from voting under the new hajj policy. Nearly 22,400 pilgrims will benefit from the ‘sponsorship scheme’ introduced by the ministry to boost the country’s current foreign exchange reserves. Hajj expenses can also be submitted this year via foreign remittances in dollars.

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