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OnePlus has finally unveiled the OnePlus 11 concept with liquid cooling

Today, OnePlus has officially been OnePlus 11 concept at the MWC Barcelona 2023 event, the mysterious image of which has been shown by the company in recent weeks, so finally we have all the information about those blue strips and the design of the smartphone.

In the previous reportwe made an assumption about this Blue LED back panel and proved that their main target is not lightning but a new technology from the company to make the device cool so let’s see it below.

OnePlus 11 Concept: all the details

OnePlus has finally unveiled the OnePlus 11 concept with liquid cooling

OnePlus launched OnePlus 11 back in February and made this concept on the same phone to showcase its latest technology and design MWC Barcelona 2023 eventwhose first day was today.

You may have all heard of liquid cooling for PCs, but liquid cooling in smartphones sounds rare, but now it’s done by OnePlus. I won’t say they are the first, but they did it in a very fantastic And other way.

As you can see above what this back panel looks like. However, it has glowing blue pipelines that can glow in different modes. These also contain pipes water, oilAnd mica, as several YouTubers say.

These pipes and their panel handle cooling for phones via liquid, and this cooling technology from OnePlus is called “Active CryoFlux”.

The company claimed its technology is capable of providing better cooling that reflects better game performance And higher loading speeds.

Now let’s talk about the design. We have seen several smartphones that have LED on their back panel, but their existence does not add anything to the system.

OnePlus 11 Concept Cooling CryoFlux

But the colorful strips in the OnePlus 11 concept have a reason, as it combines technology and an immersive look. Up close these pipes seem to move, and these colorful strips also cover the boundary of the camera bump.

While all the specifications of this prototype are the same as the OnePlus 11, it only has a different rear panel made of glass to clearly show light strips with the brand logo.

By the way, let me clarify that this phone is not for sale since the company only made this prototype for the intended event.

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