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OICCI launches Diversity & Inclusion Handbook at 5th Women Empowerment Awards

The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI), comprising more than 200 of the largest foreign investors operating in Pakistan, has strived to promote women in leadership positions through its flagship Women Empowerment Awards. held. Dr. Ishrat Hussain, former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, was the main guest of the ceremony.

OICCI President Ghias Khan noted

“There is a great need for gender-inclusive measures to ensure accelerated socio-economic growth. The female employment rate in Pakistan remains the lowest among regional peers at 21%.” Ghias Khan continued, “Bridging the female labor gap will increase employment by up to 19 million and boost Pakistan’s GDP by up to 23%, according to World Bank estimates.”

Three companies emerged victorious in all categories and won the top three positions: Procter & Gamble Pakistan won the top position and was named the champion of “OICCI Women Empowerment Awards 2022”, while Nestle Pakistan and Unilever Pakistan were named the first and second runners-up respectively. An independent jury assessed the companies’ performance on various aspects and awarded the Overall Best Performer and prizes for all other categories.

OICCI Women Empowerment Awards 2022

Ms. Sima Kamil expanded the scope of the awards beyond OICCI members and was named the first winner of the Iconic Corporate Women Leaders Award, based on nominations received from OICCI members. This was an award introduced from this year to recognize female business leaders who can serve as an inspiration to the younger female generation for the bar they have set in the business world.

Special category awards were presented in seven categories. Standard Chartered Pakistan won the Leadership & Strategy Award, Pakistan Tobacco Company won the Organizational Vision and Mission Award, Telenor Pakistan won the Conductive Workplace Environment for Women Award, Engro Corporation won the Women Leaders’ Development Award and Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Jazz ) won the Work-Life Balance and Integration award. Special recognition awards were given to GSK Pakistan for remarkable growth in women’s empowerment, while L’Oreal was named SME Champion.

On this occasion, OICCI also launched the 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Handbook at the Ceremony. The handbook covers policies aimed at building inclusive workplaces, including workplace flexibility, hybrid work models, and policies that effectively empower working mothers and parents.

OICCI Secretary General M. Abdul Aleem explained the purpose of the handbook and said: “It is one of the latest initiatives launched under the banner of OICCI Women with the aim of publishing information on initiatives and best practices that our member companies have taken over at their workplaces. . It is now available for use by interested companies to begin or continue their journey towards equality in their workplace.”

The ceremony was attended by CEOs, HR Executives and business professionals from various OICCI member companies and distinguished guests.

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