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NTISB warns government departments not to use Indian/Israeli IT products

With the advancement in technology, the issues related to cyber security have also reached new heights. Governments around the world have taken steps to increase their cyber security and keep abreast of the malicious threats that are increasing every day. In this regard, the National Telecommunication and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) has warned government departments against the use of Indian/Israeli IT-related products and services.

In its latest advisory, NTISB noted that some government organizations, including Critical Information Infrastructure (CII), are currently using IT products and services of Indian/Israeli origin. They probably use the products because they are a low cost option as opposed to other market options.

However, the likelihood of the existence of backdoors or hidden malware in these IT solutions cannot be overlooked. The board said a number of similar incidents in the public sector in the recent past indicated the involvement of Indian-based threat actors. It has not only led to the discontinuity of IT services but also became a base of reputational damage for the organizations.

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In addition, the NTISB’s advisory urged all federal departments to properly protect businesses and critical data. It does not recommend purchasing IT hardware solutions from countries prohibited by the Commerce Division (per SRO 927(1)/2019).

In addition, there are some other IT security solutions that should not be purchased in these countries:

Intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention systems, security information and event management, comprehensive detection and response, mobile device management, and DDOS mitigation solutions.

In addition, NTISB also encouraged organizations to stop using online software solutions from the countries mentioned and move to alternative options. Offline solutions can be used with associated risks, such as not applying updates/patches or connecting to the internet.

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