Now you can convert images to WhatsApp stickers on iOS devices

WhatsApp regularly introduced new changes and features for its users. The messaging giant wants to improve the user experience and also wants to strengthen the customization and engagement of group chats. A few weeks ago, the messaging platform WhatsApp rolled out a set of some quality of life characteristics. We recently learned that Meta’s messaging platform, WhatsApp, is now rolling out a sticker creation tool on iOS. The all-new tool allows users to convert images into stickers on WhatsApp for iOS. So all iOS users can create now WhatsApp stickers of their own photos.

Now you can create new WhatsApp stickers without third party apps

Reports claim that the all-new feature has eliminated the need for third-party applications to create stickers. It’s pretty simple. After extracting a subject from a photo, WhatsApp users just need to paste it into a chat to create a custom sticker from an image.

Once the feature has made its way to your iOS phone, WhatsApp instantly turns the image into a sticker that can be further added to your collection of stickers. The point worth noting is that this new sticker creation tool has been available to some users for the past few days, but now it is reportedly rolling out to everyone on iOS 16. So there is a chance that the new WhatsApp feature will roll out to all users in phases. Don’t worry if you don’t have this feature! Wait a second.

The good part of the news is that now users don’t have to switch between different applications or tools to create and use their own stickers. A report states:

“This definitely saves time and makes the process of creating and using custom stickers faster,”

Earlier this month, the messaging platform also added some new stickers to its avatar sticker pack for Android and iOS, after announcing the ability to create personalized avatars. So let’s see what WhatsApp has to offer its users. Stay tuned!

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